Join us at Delaware Valley College's series of multi-disciplinary sustainability symposia, where we will explore how we can adapt human networks to reduce and reverse trends of environmental degradation, economic instability and social disparities.

The first symposium was October 7 – 9, 2023 and focused on feeding ourselves: the business, science and human aspects of the food systems – adapting how we produce, process, package, and transport our food to reduce negative impacts and improve air quality, water quality and quantity, soil health, and social equity.

The symposium brought together academics, corporations, environmentalists, planners, engineers, local, state and federal officials, architects, planners, and farmers from across the United States, exploring a broad array of issues and perspectives. They shared ideas and explored ways to reverse negative trends.

Speakers included: Nationally known nutritionist and food politics expert, Marion Nestle, New York University and author (The Politics of Food); Michael Mandelbaum, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and author (The Ideas That Conquered the World: Peace, Democracy, and Free Markets in the Twenty-First Century); Robert Kenner, Director and Producer of Food Inc.; Michael Gallis, Gallis and Associates; and Charles Alpuche, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations for Pepsi Cola.

A full list of speakers can be found on the speakers page.

A combination of plenary sessions and panel discussions explored the barriers, opportunities, and highlighted successes and innovations in moving toward a more resilient and adaptive world.